If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“I never imagined I could have such a great smile until I met Dr. Ted Fang. He has changed my life forever. Now, I get so many compliments that my self-confidence is always at its highest, and it has been excellent for the line of work I am in. Thank you so much, Dr. Ted Fang!”

– Carla

“Dr. Fang provided expert skill and professionalism with a very personal touch. It was a worthwhile experience, which I highly recommend. It’s enjoyable to be able to smile with confidence again.”

– Dennis

“No, I am not 25, but even at my age, I wanted a bright smile I could be proud of. Dr. Fang, painlessly, gave that to me. I have recommended Dr. Fang to my friends and acquaintances.”

– Kathy

“Thanks to Dr. Fang, I am able to fully pursue my acting career. Every photographer that I have worked with has been extremely compliment about my beautiful smile. I am forever grateful to Dr. Fang.”

– Shanice

“I am so happy that I had my smile done with cosmetic porcelain veneers. I have truly enjoyed smiling again with confidence. I have been blessed to have had my new smile for five years already and I am so pleased that I have not had any problems with my veneers. They really do feel like my own natural teeth! I would highly recommend Dr. Ted Fang and his entire staff for any of your dental needs. They have been wonderful with all of my follow up visits and always make me feel like they truly care about me and my entire family. Thank you, Dr. Ted Fang.”

– Leslie

“All my baby teeth rotted in front, so I developed a habit of covering my mouth whenever I smiled. When my permanent teeth came in, they were not spaced properly, and I continued to cover my mouth; nevertheless, this long-standing habit was very easy to break. Now, after Dr. Fang fixed my teeth with veneers, I smile with confidence. I thought I had missed my chance for a beautiful smile. Thank you, Dr. Fang! You helped me realize a life long dream.”

– Kerry

“Dr. Fang has demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and trustworthiness in his work. I could not have asked for a more honest, caring, and competent doctor. He is a people person and I have every confidence in him.”

– Vilma